Monday, 19 January 2009

Important Book?

Is the Bible the most important book ever written? I'm sure that the vast majority of Xians would answer in the affirmative to that question. So, why is it so easy to misinterpret? One would think that god would want his book to be easy to understand and difficult to get wrong, but that's clearly not the case. Xians often complain that non-Xians interpret the Bible incorrectly, but who can blame us? Xians themselves can't even agree on interpretations of the book? If the followers of this book can't even figure out what it is supposed to mean, who can?

If god is who he is supposed to be (perfect, omni-max, etc.) then the only conclusion we can come to is that god intentionally wanted this book to be confusing. In fact, Jesus even says that he speaks in parables in order to confuse the message. But, why would god do this if he wants us to come to him and be saved? The obvious answer is that he doesn't - leading us to conclude that god wants to send people to hell. It's just another absurdity of the Xian religion that they can assert that he does and ignore these very obvious conclusions based on the real world.

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fatblue said...

I agree with these feelings...

'Also, if he _is_ forcing us to jump through a hoop to avoid hell (you must correctly interpret the bible), why wouldn't he create everyone with the same capacity to interpret it.

We all have different life-spans and different life-experiences that inform our decisions and interpretations. It would seem that the playing field for jumping through the hoop is not even or fair.