Saturday, 20 February 2010

Q: What do you call a gay dinosaur?

We all know that dinosaurs didn't go with Noah on the ark, right? Not so fast. As it turns out, there is a way that Noah could have had dinosaurs on the ark and they would still have died off because they simply didn't reproduce. That's right, Noah could have unintentionally selected gay dinosaurs. (Obviously it would be unintentional since god would not have wanted Noah to collect gay anything, since gays are deviants and choose to be so and so are in defiance to god and all of that silly stuff.)

It's not so far-fetched. We know that there are examples of homosexual animals that obviously choose to spite god by being gay. Isn't it possible that the gay dinosaurs infiltrated the ark so that they would be saved, and in the process killed off their own kinds? Ha ha, take that evilutionists!

(Note: the answer to the title is either Megasauras or Lickalotapus.)


anonymous2 said...

lmao. LICKALOTAPUS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. and nobody seemed to catch that.

annonymous2 said...

ooops. maybe i was just the only dumbass who entertained by an old, established pun.

Tigerboy said...


maybe laughing one's ass off at gay people (who are often despised and marginalized by the societies in which they live) is just sad, hateful and really childish.

Given the fact that hatred of gay people can largely be traced directly back to what is written in religious texts, like the Bible, I'm not sure that mockery of gays really belongs in this blog.

In the future, GCT might consider these ideas, before linking to excellent information about the perfectly normal nature of homosexuality, implying ridicule at those who support hatred of gays based upon what they have read in the Bible (those who SHOULD be ridiculed), and then ruining the whole thing with a joke meant to entertain junior high schoolers.

All right, it's a little bit funny.

But, Megasaurass is spelled with three esses.

Tigerboy said...



GCT said...

Mockery of gays doesn't belong anywhere, and that certainly was not my intent. It was meant as part of the larger satire of skewering the religious beliefs of Noah's ark and their non-acceptance of being gay as something that occurs naturally (what is it, 10% of the population or so?) in humans as well as in other animals.

If my post was indeed taken as derogatory or hurtful towards the gay community in any way (note that I also include lesbian, transgendered, bi, etc) please know that was not the intent and that I apologize for the offense.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 5% (some say 7%).

Tigerboy said...

Anonymous said:

"It's actually 5% (some say 7%)."

And some say 0%. Ahmadinejad comes to mind.

Let's be done with the marginalization of gays. There is some statistically significant percentage of the world's population that self-identifies as LGBT.

Splitting hairs over a specific count is another way of saying:

"They don't really matter."
"There are fewer than has been reported."
"It's a statistically insignificant phenomenon."
"We don't need to worry if they are treated fairly." "There are only a few."


Gay people exist and they are just as entitled to their humanity, to their human rights to equitable treatment, to their place on this planet, to their position within the family of mankind, as anyone else.

Anonymous, I am sorry that the hateful philosophy you so eagerly embrace has such trouble understanding this very basic idea.

(with multiple people posting as "anonymous," I am making an assumption that I am addressing the "anonymous" who has been quoting the Bible. If you are someone else, my apologies.)

Gay people have been a part of the human experience since the dawn of time.

And anyone who claims homosexuality to be an "evolutionary dead-end" is failing to see the bigger picture. Having a variety of partners to choose from, with a variety of traits, is one of the ways in which females (or males) make good (or bad) selections.

The cuttlefish is instructive.

Some male cuttlefish display exaggerated male sexual characteristics. We'll call them the "machos." Other male cuttlefish are able to make themselves look exactly like the females. We'll call them the "nancy-boys."

Sometimes, the "machos" are so busy fighting each other for dominance and the attentions of the females, they don't even notice the "nancy-boys" who dart in and mate with the true females. Snap!

(I am NOT saying this is how humans operate. I'm saying that varying strategies can be employed. Some succeed. Some fail. And the ways in which the other participants react to those strategies can be complex.)

Having a choice about with whom she mates is what gives females the power to drive evolution in one direction or another. Finding strategies to get the deed done is how males drive evolution. (Perhaps the existence of both "alpha" males and "beta" males somehow inspires the "alpha" males to try harder. Who knows?)

WHATEVER impact homosexuality has had on the evolution of man, over the course of the last several hundred thousand years, it has been SOME part of what has been, undeniably, a very successful recipe. Humans have done pretty well.

Besides being a part of many other species, homosexuality is a part of the most dominant species on Earth. Homosexuals are members of the family of mankind, plain and simple.

They're here. They're queer. Get used to it.

Tigerboy said...


Thank you.

I actually understood what you were intending and I enjoyed the post. I appreciated the "National Geographic" link. As I said above, and as you already know, homosexuality is a perfectly normal trait among humans and many other animals. It IS a trait, like red hair. It expresses itself in SOME percentage of the population.

We all should be aware that vilification of gays is but one of the many, many lies told to us by religion. (Of course, these are the people who brought us the Salem Witch Trials. Religious folk are no strangers to spreading hateful, divisive ideas about their neighbors.)

We all could benefit from reading objective, scientific information about how the world actually operates, such as in fine publications like "National Geographic", instead of the violent, insidious, fear-based, controlling filth that is in the Bible.

You serve the public, my friend. Your mission is a noble one. You enlighten all who take the time to read your wise, logic-based thoughts. I admire the way your mind works.

Carry on.

GCT said...

Thanks Tigerboy.

Angelo said...

wells i never knows is that reptiles be gay and dragonflies and all now i knows thankee

Anonymous said...

proof that the gay dinosaur is real:

dino boy

Anonymous said...

that was a really dumb attempt at making gay dinosaurs plausible. hope your attempt is smarter or at least funnier next time.