Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Don't You Touch My Organs

The Israeli government is reportedly looking into a law where those who agree to be organ donors will get preference if they ever need an organ in return. "Wow," you might think, what a fair idea. Yet, as it turns out, some orthodox Jews are upset because their religion forbids them from being organ donors and they don't want their place in line bumped.

Is anyone else catching the hypocrisy of a religion that says it is not OK to donate organs, but it is OK to receive other people's donated organs? How selfish and self-centered does one need to be in order to believe that god wants for you to keep your organs, even when you aren't using them anymore or if you have more than you need, but wants all those other sorry saps to give their organs up for you should you require them? I think this is just another instance of irrationality on display from religion.


Tristan D. Vick said...

What if he ate pork before he died? Oh the horror!

tinkbell13 said...

Yes, it is interesting. Another thing that kinda complicates this is this;

If you are Jewish, and you cut off a finger, you have to have the finger buried with you. Also, you will not return to Earth when the Messiah comes if you have a tattoo or all appendages and organs are not intact.

anonymous2 said...

i'm off topic BUT once posted here was an old testament scripture where some teenagers were killed for making fun of some prophet's beard. anyone remember that story and where it was told?

GCT said...

See here.

In the story, the children make fun of the prophet's bald head and the she-bears come and maul the children.