Monday, 10 May 2010

Behold, here endeth the blaspheming!

Let us pray, and let us rejoice, for Jesus is Lord of all and saviour of the righteous! O, Jesus, how beautiful art thou! Here endeth the post.


Tigerboy said...

O, Jesus, we beseech thee! What's the big, fucking secret? If you've got some "good news" for us, we bid thee appear on "Larry King." Appear to us, Jesus!

Oprah will gladly bump John Travolta to a different day. Endeth the big goddam mystery. Why must we have faith in the face of ZERO concrete evidence? Is eternal bliss only available to the highly-gullible?

Give us a sign, Jesus. Any sign!

(Well, not just ANY sign. How about a sign that actually demonstrates something real.)

Is that too much to ask? Yes? It IS too much to ask? And, why would that be? Is it because you're a total fucking fiction?

That's what I thought.

Specops17 said...

Don't you have to believe in something to blaspheme against it?

Just sayin'...