Monday, 25 August 2008

Evil Spirits

When we last left Saul, god had decided (for the second time) that Saul would no longer be king of the Israelis. So, what did god do? Did god kill Saul? Nope. Did god have Saul deposed? Nope. Did god remove Saul as king? Nope. Hmmmm, for a god that doesn't want Saul to be king anymore, you'd think he would have removed him, but he didn't.

No, instead god leaves Saul as king, but sends evil spirits to torment him.

Let's let that sink in for a second.

Of course, god is incompetent as always, because the spirits he sends can be held at bay with the sound of someone playing a harp. Really, I can't understand how anyone could read this stuff and think that god is either good or mighty.


fatblue said...

What is the point of this blog?

I can't understand why someone would spend any time with the material and comments that ignorant religious people would send to them. All of their arguments are the same and they will never spend time with scientific material. They are unalterably and disgustingly ignorant.

Doesn't it annoy you to respond to the same religious arguments over and over again? The Xtians always leave without finishing the discussion. ANNOYING!

You know more about the bible and religion than any so-called Xtian I have ever met. Don't you think its annoying to explain yourself to people who know less about Xtianity than you do?

Why are you nice to these people?

Anonymous said...

I am glad this blog is here because it helps me with my internal battle against indoctrination.

GCT said...

Yes, it can be annoying at times, I have to admit.

Someone has to respond though. For too long the perception has been that religious arguments are unchallenged. They have been challenged of course, but most people haven't been confronted with those challenges, so they assume no challenges have been made. This leads to the erroneous assumption that religious arguments are good arguments because they can't be challenged. Thus, religion has enjoyed an undeserved place in our society. The proliferation of blogs like this and people willing to speak out and challenge the prevailing mindset is hopefully not wasted.

Anonymous said...

I agree that its probably aggravating to try and discuss these issues with most christians. But I think this blog will definitely help those who are not so completely blind to evidence and reason, to realize they've been fed a bunch of bullshit most of their lives. There are plenty of open-minded christians, who with well thought out arguments against their beliefs may actually change said beliefs.

This blog also helps me, as another atheist, to learn more about the bible. I don't really wanna read the whole damn thing (I've tried, its really boring at first) and the points made here are points I haven't previously though of.

Keep up the good work!