Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I'm laughing so hard at this that I simply have to share it.

Check this out


tina FCD said...

What happens when the price goes up?
Is it the devil raising the prices??

Anonymous said...

Of course the explanation will be something to the effect of 1)god knows what's best or 2)we live in a fallen world or 3)in his right timing.

Evans F said...

they close the comments on that site. I guess it got out of hand.

I did forget to mention that during the period of suffering, no one not even I, would have appreciated if someone would have told me that suffering is beautiful. However, now that I'm out of it, looking back it, I see it differently. I get your point on that front. It is a bit insensitive only if MT did say it to someone suffering; she must know that not all can handle this type of truth.

GCT said...

I believe it is because you had no actual arguments to challenge the obviously immoral stuff that MT did.

Evans F said...

We actually went off subject on that forum lol!.

A few years ago, I saw the same thing you see about people like MT. That's how I understand your point of view. And I just realized that there is no way I can successfully help you understand my point of view today. But someday maybe. Till then have fun with your thoroughly interesting blog. I absolutely enjoy stuff on your blog. I plan to use it to playfully attack my mom's irrational beliefs!