Friday, 14 August 2009


Xians are constantly amazed that we don't believe in their gods, further they are similarly amazed that we don't worship their god. Color me amazed that anyone would worship such a god as theirs. This is a god that has killed almost all of humanity simply because he couldn't think of a better way to make them behave. This is a god that sends people to hell for eternal torment and torture simply because he can't think of a better way to punish people for finite crimes or a better way to handle their souls after they die. This is a god that visit vile plagues upon people with pestilence and death simply because he needs to show off.

And, what does the Xian apologist do by defending this god? The Xian apologist is basically defending genocide, rape, murder, torture, etc. How can people actually defend this type of behavior? How can people provide shelter to an entity that would engage in this type of behavior? How can people actually decide that we should look up to this type of behavior with reverence and worship it?

I think most Xians are better than that, and I think that most Xians should really look at the holy book they hold with such reverence. They should understand that defending this god is defending a monster that visits the worst crimes imaginable upon the people that he supposedly loves. Even if this god did create us all, it doesn't make it right, as might does not make right. So, this is an open call to all Xians. Stop. Stop defending torture. Stop defending genocide. Stop defending murder. Start defending humans and humanity.

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Anonymous said...

Even Jewish author Elie Wiesel insists Yahweh, through the Holocaust, broke the "Covenant" (as if circumcision would make a d*ck whole). It sure did not save 6 million Jews, Eastern Europeans, Gypsies, or Homophiles. Stalin, of course, made Hitler pale by comparison, as did Mao Zedung, all for the Marxist ideology we used to call "communism."

What's odd? The same people tell the same myths, just wrapped in different packages, hoping that we won't notice, but blaming everyone else for the troubles they caused. I think it is a Judeo-Christo-Islamic "persecution complex" that expects a different outcome from the same myths retold in new bottles (or wineskins).