Thursday, 27 August 2009

There was a recent comment on Robert's blog defending the actions of those who get overly sensitive and moan and complain about the existence of atheists. In the comment, the Xian accuses atheists of condoning eternal damnation.

Excuse me? Which atheists have ever said that the concept of hell is not only real, but have condoned it? Which atheists say that if god sends people to hell, then it's a good thing?

On the contrary, it is Xians who defend this action. It is Xians who claim that god sending people to hell is good and righteous. It is Xians that defend the abhorrent torture that god inflicts on people that aren't worthy enough of bestowing his grace upon. Atheists aren't condoning torture, Xians are - every time they defend the actions of their maniacal, ruthless, sadistic god.


Robert Madewell said...

Well said! Thanks for the hat tip.

That comment shows the narrow mindedness of many fundamentalists. They can't imagine how someone can believe differently than themselves. They can't put themselves into another person shoes long enough to understand that the other person may have beliefs that are different.

Here's that comment, in case someone wants to quote her.

Barbie Bacon said...

You missed the point completely. I expect that from you G, but I thought Bob was more observant. The point was that we do not condone slavery any more than you condone sending people to Hell. In your eyes, our belief condones it. In our eyes, your beliefs condone the latter.

Where's that Jeff Dunham and Peanut when you need him. Nnnnnnrooooow.

Tyler said...

Barbie: The point was that we do not condone slavery...

So, is it safe to assume you think your god is an asshole for sanctioning slavery?

Didn't think so...

Baribie:In our eyes, your beliefs condone [sending people to hell].

Please explain how someone can condone sending people to a place that doesn't exist.

GCT said...

"In our eyes, your beliefs condone the latter."

So, in other words I didn't miss the point after all.