Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Coming Together for Bigotry

I've said many times that we always see splintering of religious sects into more sects as people's ideas of god come into conflict and there's no way of telling who is right and who is wrong. Well, we may be seeing a case (perhaps the first) of two religions coming together.

It seems that the Catholic church has offered a chance for the Anglicans to come back to them, but not just any Anglicans:
[The pope's] plan announced Tuesday to welcome disaffected Anglicans means he will help an estimated half-million members of Christianity's third-largest sect disappear – Anglicans who have stuck to the flanks of their church like the boils of Job, rejecting its stance on issues like ordaining women priests and blessing gay unions but ecclesiastically having nowhere else to call home.

IOW, they've decided to set their differences aside so that they can unite in bigotry against women and gays!


Compassionate Heathen said...

It's a business decision...the bigotry is just an added bonus...

Tigerboy said...

Of course it's a business decision. That is what so clearly exposes the hypocrisy. The Catholic Church is happy to set aside their "beliefs" in order to secure more membership.

Do they believe that priests mustn't marry, or not?

Well, they'll make a special exception if those married priests defect from the Anglican Church and bring their wives and a half million new members with them to the Catholic Church.

Big new membership trumps core beliefs. Business decision, plain and simple.

Such obvious hypocrisy. (Of course, that's pretty familiar terrain for the Catholic Church.)