Monday, 26 April 2010

Ignorance is a Miracle

Are ya'll Xians down wit' the clowns? You should be, since they seem to think that everything is a miracle and are pushing Xianity through their raps. Unfortunately for them, "clowns," is an appropriate moniker for them and their brand of ignorance.

Yeah, I know, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel, especially since all their supposed "miracles" are pretty easy to explain. But, are they really that much different from all the other Xian apologists out there?

"The Earth is not round, we will burn you for your heresy."

"Why would I want to put that metal rod on my building? Lightning strikes are god's way of punishing people"

"Evolution is wrong, wrong, wrong, now give me my antibiotics."

Whether you're the ICP, Kent Hovind, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, or William Lane Craig the schtick is the same, "We don't know this or that, so goddidit." It's all an abject refusal to deal with reality and a glorification of ignorance, no matter how much they protest and try to wrap up their apologetics in pseudo-intellectualism.


Tigerboy said...

This is SO cheesy bad. Isn't the ICP supposed to be kinda crazy and tough? They're rapping about rainbows and zoo animals. What the fuck is this?

Is the ICP turning into Sesame Street?

One of them is named Violent J. It would seem that he would have us believe him to be somewhat violent. But he's rapping about loving his own mommy, and being amazed that his kid looks like him.

Doesn't this kind of thing shoot their "street cred" in the foot?

They're just daddies who love rainbows and pretty stars. When's the next single drop? I'm counting on a rap about unicorns and fuzzy "Hello Kitty" dolls.

---"I don't wanna talk to no scientist. Yo motherfuckers lyin' and gettin' me pissed!"

Based on what? Shaggy's extensive scientific knowledge? This line HAS GOT to be about religion. People don't usually spend that much time being angry at scientists, unless it's something that messes with their Jesus delusions.

I'm glad to hear that they are making fun of this on SNL. (I didn't see it.) This really should be mocked.

Writing a song about "Miracles" is something a teenaged girl would do. The Insane Clown Posse? Really? How embarrassing for them.

Tigerboy said...

From the OP:

---"We don't know this or that, so goddidit." It's all an abject refusal to deal with reality and a glorification of ignorance, no matter how much they protest and try to wrap up their apologetics in pseudo-intellectualism."

GCT, I don't know if you enjoy reading blogs from idiots, but here's a particularly good one. He does just exactly what you are talking about.

We can't prove there's no God, so there must be a greater mathematical probability that there is a God . . . . blah, blah, blah. OK. Sure. What ever you say.

He's really foolish. I have to admit I enjoy that! I even watch Pat Robertson, occasionally. Gibberish can be fun.

Read some of his other posts. His, I won't say thinly-veiled, rather, entirely "unveiled" hatred of women. (That's a little burqa joke.) He's a pig.

GCT said...

Wow. I checked out that site and it's so ridiculous, I'm having trouble believing that it's for real.

DM said...

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GCT said...

speaking of ridiculous...

Tyler said...

Hah! Congratulations GCT... you've been mabused!!

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. There is simply no escaping this batshit crazy, homicidally inclined loon once he has found you...


Rumor has it, though, that he's under the watchful eye of authorities in his locale, and if that's the case, it probably won't be long before they haul him off in one of those jackets with really long arms.

GCT said...

A rather dubious distinction, huh?