Friday, 16 April 2010

They Just Don't Get It

Apparently, the issue of pedophile priests in the Catholic church is all a front to attack the church. Apparently it's the fault of the Jews, the liberal media and intellectuals, homosexuals, or anyone and everyone else. They are pointing fingers, and the fingers are continually pointing away.

And, why not? Why should we hold the people who actually covered up these acts as accountable? Why should we hold the people who aided and abetted these sexual predators as accountable? Why should we hold those who hid the truth from us for so long accountable?

Why? Because people who do the above things, as the Catholic hierarchy has, deserve to be told to go pound sand. They are not moral people as they have repeatedly demonstrated quite capably. They are inhuman and immoral and they should be shunned and prosecuted for their crimes. They shouldn't be defended or held up as examples of goodness and light. Quite the opposite, we should continue to uncover their immoral deeds and hold those crimes up to the light of day. They have no moral standing and they should be left on the scrap heap of history with all the other immoral monsters that we rightly regard with disgust.


Tigerboy said...

"Justice is coming!" says Christopher Hitchens.

Fat Bastard said...

If God was all-powerful and all-loving, with free will yet perfectly good, God would create life with similar properties: with free will and perfectly good. Meaning that there would be no human-created evil, and no need for evil, suffering or death in the world in any way. However, there is evil and death in very great quantities, therefore it holds that if the situation was created by a god, rather than natural forces, then such a god is not omnipotent and benevolent. Given that such a god exists, it must be malevolent: An evil god, who created life for the sole purpose of watching life suffer.
Such a god would make life, in its very essence, impossible to exist without death, violence, suffering and struggle. Advanced life, especially, would be inherently prone to nastiness, wars, immorality, killing and causing of suffering. As this is how it is in the world, it holds that the existence of such levels of suffering, if it is the result of intelligent design, is thoroughly evil, and to call god "good" is a corruption of the truth.
As it happens, the world is as we would expect it to be if the designer of life was evil. Ancient religious minds also realized this. The Manicheans explained that this world was the creation of an evil God, and that we had to somehow escape from it. Some people criticize this, asking, if the world was designed by an evil God, why is there some happiness and goodness in the world? Why isn't the world purely evil, with only suffering?

class="IQL"“A Manichean might retort that this is the worst of all possible worlds, in which the good things that exist serve only to heighten the evils. The world, he might say, was created by a wicked demiurge [who] created some virtuous men, in order that they might be punished by the wicked; for the punishment of the virtuous is so great an evil that it makes the world worse than if no good men existed. class="IQR"” "History of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell, p571

Tyler said...

Fat Bastard: Given that such a god exists, it must be malevolent:


As it happens, the world is as we would expect it to be if the designer of life was evil.

Not necessarily. If a god does exist, it could just be that this god is indifferent to what we humans see as good/bad/virtuous/evil. Could be that god doesn't or can't even understand what those terms mean. Could be that what we see as evil or bad, say, the murder of a baby or the horror of the starving to death of the thousands of people that will occur in the time it takes me to type this post, god sees as neither good nor evil, but just a consequence of matter evolving... to a point where such events are perceived by many evolved material beings as evil or bad.

To say nothing of a deistic god, who could have created existence with absolutely no idea how things would turn out and left the building as soon as it got done wiping after having shat out the cosmos.

tinkbell13 said...

If every Catholic on the planet banded together and did not give them their donations, or refused to go to mass, justice would be served. The people that they serve are not putting pressure on the institution. If outsiders are enraged, it does not count. It is sick that they have not been arrested... Shame on all of us.

Tigerboy said...

I would so dearly love for the courts to do their job. Why is the Catholic Church above the law?

His Lordship The Gun-Toting Atheist said...

As Ginx wrote in a comment on my blog, abolishing the Catholic Church would do more harm than good, because the Catholic Church has produced more atheists than any other organization (including yours truly) They literally churn out more atheists than Kenmore churns out washing machines.

Let's keep the Catholic Church in a state of disarray, and we should expect a bunch of fed up Catholics crossing over to our side.