Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Living With Sin

So, apparently god is really, really perfect and stuff, and that means that god can not live with sin, so that's why he sends people to hell. You see, it's not his fault that he's perfect and can't live with sin, and it's not his choice, it's just the way things are. So what if he created beings that by design can't live up to perfection and therefore can't not sin? He's perfect after all.

But, seriously, this brings to mind a couple issues. First, god is supposedly omnipresent, so the existence of hell kind of calls that into question if it is supposedly a place where sinners go and god can't be around sin. Also, sin supposedly exists right here on Earth, and god would be around it if he were omnipresent, so I guess something's gotta give. I'll leave it up to the apologists to decide which part of their story they want to jettison (although I predict that most apologists will cling to the notion that nothing is amiss in their idea).

Secondly, how can it not be god's choice that the system is set up so that people will sin and then go to hell because god can't be with them? Why set up the universe in that way? This makes god out to be either extremely cruel and vindictive or extremely stupid. Even a non-omniscient being should be smart enough to see the problem with this arrangement, yet a perfect god didn't? It's just another story from Xianity that strains credulity.


RIc said...

Your human mind can't comprehend the ways of god.

Translation: There is no answer to the problem you pointed out, but pretend I gave you one anyway.

GCT said...

I have a stock answer for that dodge too, so I don't mind too much when a Xian tries to use it. I'm planning another installment of the theistic predictions hopefully for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You don't hate Jesus dude. How could you hate a man who preached nothing but LOVE towards one's neighborhood? Worse, how could you hate a person you readily admit does not even exist... unless you were a certifiably insane--which I won't, for your benefit, rule out just yet). What you hate are the PEOPLE who FOLLOW Jesus. And that just aint right.

Stop by my blog and keep me company. I won't bite. We'll debate intelligently and rib each other in good fun. Come on I could use some company.

Peace man

Tyler said...

Anon: You don't hate Jesus dude.

The Jesus character is contemptible, in as much as fictional characters can be contemptible.

Anon: How could you hate a man who preached nothing but LOVE towards one's neighborhood?

Why do you lie so blatantly by claiming the Jesus character preached nothing but love?

Anon: What you hate are the PEOPLE who FOLLOW Jesus.

"If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple."

Even if I did hate people who follow Jesus, I'd just be giving back the hatred they feel toward others and themselves. What's wrong with that?

Anon: And that just aint right.

So, that whole "do unto others" thing this Jesus character preached about "just ain't right."

Anon: Stop by my blog and keep me company. I won't bite.

"Hi! I believe all humans are inherently vile and disgusting! I believe everyone deserves to be tortured for eternity unless they agree to submit to the demented superstition I claim to live by! I'm very lonely. Please come hang out with me?"

Anon: We'll debate intelligently...

So, you don't debate theism on your site? I ask because there is no such thing as intelligent debate in favor of theism, so I'd be curious as to what topic you're referring to when you suggest intelligent debate will occur.

GCT said...

Welcome Anon,
I'll come see what you've got on your blog when I've got some free time. Until then, you're right that I don't actually hate jesus. It's impossible to hate a mythological figure. But, you're wrong to think I hate Xians. I don't. In fact, I feel sorry for many Xians who have been indoctrinated with this from a young age and have been taught how to uncritically accept the myth and perpetuate it, but I don't hate them. And, feel free to bring some intelligent debate here. I've got tons of posts just waiting for some Xian to answer with some/any evidence for god or to show that Xianity isn't inherently contradictory and inconsistent.