Wednesday, 7 May 2008

god Lies

Open your Bible to the book of Genesis, chapter 1. In it, god relates to us all how he created the universe. Do you believe the Genesis account is correct? Let's say that you don't. Well, then god lied about how he did it, plain and simple. The only other alternative is that god was speaking metaphorically or in parables or something, but there's nothing in there to support that.

Now, let's say that you think Genesis is correct. Well then what about all the evidence that we have that contradicts this account? god is lying to you by deliberately placing false evidence to shake your faith. Either way, god is a liar.


Tigerboy said...

There is another alternative.

This book you refer to was written by a bunch of people pushing an agenda. They wanted us to believe in this "God", and so, to live by their ideas about right and wrong. They wanted us to sacrifice the correct animals, smear blood in the correct places. Live the "proper" life of a Bronze-age, Palestinian goat herder.

It's made up. By other Bronze-age, Palestinian goat herders.


The Bible certainly has no relevance to 21st century folks like us. In fact, it is leading us, in example after example, towards violence and destruction.

Questions of morality can be answered by much simpler concepts than those expressed in the Bible.

"Treat others, as you would have yourself be treated." (Yeah, I know it's in the Bible, along with a lot of other, more horrifying crap.)

"Wherever possible, live and let live."

"Be kind to beings less powerful than yourself."

"Respect the privacy of others."

"Respect the environment we all share."

There are other famously good ideas, if you want to be a good neighbor to your fellow humans/mammals/complex life forms. Morality really boils down to getting along well with others. Try to be fair. Even to those you plan to punish/kill/mistreat.

Be as kind as possible. Try to see unfortunate situations through the eyes of others.

Actually, the first one, "treat others, as you would have yourself be treated', pretty much covers it. It has a wonderful, elegant simplicity.

But, morality is about getting along with other members of your society, NOT pleasing a sky-dictator.

Question of Identity said...


Man is nothing but:
FAT enough for seven bars of soap
IRON enough for one medium sized snail
SUGAR enough for seven cups of tea
LIME enough to whitewash one chicken coop
MAGNESIUM enough for one dose of salts
Phosphorous enough to ti two hundred matches
POTASH enough to explode one toy crane
SULPHUR enough to rid one dog of fleas

Where then do those well written morals of yours come from?

Where does love come from?

GCT said...

"Where then do those well written morals of yours come from?"

From reason and our shared evolutionary history of course. You probably think they come from god? How would that be the case? Have you read the Bible?

"Where does love come from?"

From evolution and physio-chemical interactions in our brains.

Question of Identity said...


Sorry but this is pure nonsense! Fat iron sugar lime magnesium phosphorus potash and sulfur can't just accidentally formulate and evolve to produce loving actions!

GCT said...

"Sorry but this is pure nonsense! Fat iron sugar lime magnesium phosphorus potash and sulfur can't just accidentally formulate and evolve to produce loving actions!"

I'm sorry, was there an argument in there or simply a fallacious argument from incredulity? And, who said anything about accidents? I sense that you are veering towards 747 in a junkyard type arguments. Please tell me that you have something better than that.

Tigerboy said...

Love, respect for family members, pair-bonding, cooperation in child-rearing, cooperation with your society, moral behavior, etc. . . . . these are EXCELLENT evolutionary strategies.

They lead to greater survival as surely as an opposable thumb.