Monday, 5 May 2008



Anonymous said...

The fall presents a huge difficulty for Christianity.

God put them in the garden, but also put the tree of knowledge there and left the serpent slithering around. Rather irresponsible, no? Why not send satan to hell before he had a chance to tempt Eve?

Christianity says that God created Adam and Eve in the full knowledge that they would disobey, and as a result billions would end up in eternal fire. Yet he went ahead and created him anyway. Now how is this not evil?


Tigerboy said...

I think a believer would say something about free will. God didn't want to FORCE Adam and Eve to obey Him. He wanted them to CHOOSE to obey Him. They chose wrong.

Humans must be punished for the rest of time because Adam and Eve chose to eat from the tree of knowledge. Apparently, independent thought is really, really, really bad. Thinking, pretty much, equals sin.

(It might lead to atheism!)

It's a twisted little story where people who blindly obey authority are rewarded and people who think for themselves are punished.

Sort of like "Forrest Gump."

THAT IS SO TOTALLY the message behind that movie. Do just as your mama/church/government tells you and everything will be okay. Think for yourself, question authority, and horrible things will happen to you.

It's a Republican fable.

The most illustrative story is that of Lieutenant Dan. He rails against authority, against the army, against God, and he has all sorts of terrible things happen to him, including getting his legs blown off. He finally accepts God, he's even seen dropping into the water, being newly "baptized", and in the very next scene he is seen standing up on his new artificial legs. He's been made "whole." The message is clear. Question God and get your legs blown off. Accept God and be made whole. Thinking for yourself is NOT a good idea. Every other character gets punished, in some horrible way, for independent thinking. Forrest sails through unscathed.

Republicans love this movie. It's easy to wage war with a whole nation of Gumps.

Do not think. Do exactly as you are told. It's a terrible message.

Anonymous said...

belly buttons! ...why would adam and eve have them? lol.