Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cherry Picking

One would think that a divine being would be able to write a book that humans could follow to the letter. Yet, in practice, we see that this is simply not the case. No one follows the Bible to the letter. Every Xian picks and chooses pieces of the Bible to follow and others to not follow. Every Xian goes through the Bible and accepts the things they find good as rote while rationalizing the things they find bad as allegory or something else, even when those bad things are written in plain text. No one can follow the Bible literally, as it is riddled with so many contradictions and errors, that it's simply not possible. But, there's no reason why this should be true.

If god is omni-max, then he should be able to write a guidebook that stands the test of time, that is instructive, that is error-free, that is not subject to the interpretations of fallible humans, etc. Yet, that is exactly what we don't find. Can anyone really claim with a straight face that the Bible is divinely written or inspired?


Anonymous said...

I am CONVINCED that god is real but I am also convinced that he is an asshole. Day after day after day, I face experiences that show me his REALITY; experiences that are nothing less than DIVINE. I am as convinced of gods reality as any given christian, yet I see god in his true nature and not as the loving, caring blah blah blah god they make him out to be by "cherry picking" scripture. And with my experiences there is no doubt; they are far too routine and similar in nature/result to be coincidence. Daily, I experience the god who I've seen mentioned here several times - the god who hardened pharoahs heart and then killed children, the god who killed teenagers for laughing at a prophet etc.

Quixote said...

My friend,

We can transfer our ongoing debate over here if you like to keep from posting pages of responses and clogging up DA with sidetracks :) Or we can leave it where it is. Your choice.

GCT said...

I could open up a thread if you like. I'm still in the desert, so I'm not tending too much to the blog.