Monday, 13 October 2008


god is not very good at getting things done, is he? If god wants to convince us that he exists, he's doing a rather poor job. Even in the Bible, he doesn't do such a good job. He continually shows himself to the Jews in the OT (some of them at least) and performs all kinds of miracles, and they continually turn away to worship other gods. Seems that he's not very convincing. Then, when he comes down in human form, he still can't get people to believe in him. That's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Xian apologists chalk this up to humans being bad. But, I think that the common denominator in the equation happens to be god in all instances. It is god that can not convince others of his existence. Why do we not consider the fact that god may very well simply be inept and incompetent, or that maybe he doesn't wish for all of us to be convinced of his existence?

Think about when Jesus, a living god, was here and was unable to provide arguments that were perfect and unassailable. The Bible certainly doesn't show him presenting irrefutable arguments. Why not? Why can't a god in human form present arguments and proof that is unassailable? Could god be incompetent? One of the Xian tenets is that god is perfect, which would seem to preclude that god is incompetent. Therefore, the only choice left (besides that humans are stupid and evil, which brings its own problems) is that god intentionally did not wish to convince all of his existence. If that is the case, the god is intentionally seeking to punish humans and put them in hell. Again, we find the actions of god are not in line with his alleged wish that all should be saved.


a1021 said...

"god" has always been a deceiver. it is clear that someone with very little power but very much arrogance has to come up with dogmas like "i'm perfect" for his religion.
gods with true power don't have to condemn other gods and religions to be "demons" or "devils" or "idols", they don't have to tell their followers that they are perfect and almighty, but that they "chose" not to do anything at all, except what the prophets wrote in some very old book, which is stretched beyond believability.
and only a weak god has to tell his followers to convert the whole world because he himself ins't capable of it.

William Fenholt said...

Yeah I've often thought about this argument.

It's really crazy how many people will come back with "Well god has personally revealed himself to me in an undeniable fashion so since I have now seen him manifest himself right before my eyes I can never deny him ever."

It's nice to know that god gives some people that special privilege of seeing him in person but not others like me. It's also curious how he always only shows himself to people who are already christian and don't actually need him to reveal himself because they already believe all the while ignoring those of us who have (but no longer) spent years asking him to do just that.

William Fenholt said...

P.S. That silly jesus can be such a cunt sometimes

Anonymous said...

fenholt ... still processing my thoughts about your art. BUT DUDE!! The facial expressions are fabulous.