Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Apocalypse

Revelation describes a time when four horsemen will roam the Earth, destroying mankind. Whether these guys are metaphors is doubtful - one, by general consensus, is the Antichrist: who Christians believe exists. According to the bible, an apocalypse is inevitable; 'weather change' actually appears to be one of the symptoms, along with: 'wars' and 'economic disaster'. Not that this prediction wouldn't fit in with any period of time.

In America many Christians think environmentalists are doing wrong - as the planet has no future and God wants it to die. This, along with most militant religion, makes God out to be largely impotent; 'intelligent' apes are required to exert his wrath.
Maybe, if ever, humans establish themselves on another planet, Christianity will finally dissolve. Darwin may have thought similarly.


mrsham said...

"one, by general consensus, is the Antichrist"

Whose general consensus? Most scholars seem to think the one on the white horse is supposed to represent Christ.

There's not even a consensus on what Revelation is intended to describe.

Wikipedia is again your friend:

In fact, taking it wider, there isn't a consensus amongst Christians on how to interpret the bible -- as in, what it's authority is, whether the writers were divine typewriters for the word of God, or had a bit more of their own input than that, etc. Biblical literalists may wish it were not so (and possibly call themselves "bible believing" and the rest "not bible believing") but it ain't. The question of biblical interpretation is much more open than the loudest voices suggest.

[Personally I think Revelation is madder than a barrel of monkeys, and I'm quite happy to say that I don't understand it at all.]

Steven Bently said...

Revelations, could it be just the ramblings of a mad man?

Yes I think so!