Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I've just finished Dan Dennet's influential book on Darwinism, and passing mention was given to a certain species of rat; they live underground in tunnels and have a queen. When this queen gets grotesquely large from pregnancy she is unable to eat her own excrement (a popular option, it seems, for these rats); therefore she begs for that of other rodents, and sees that it is good.

A type of fly like to propogate their genes by laying eggs. In the heads of ants. When these eggs hatch they turn into maggots. Which eat through the brain of their hosts until they are large enough to survive in the wild.

The ichneumon fly is parasitic in the living bodies of caterpillars and the larvae of other insects. With cruel cunning and ingenuity surpassed only by man, this depraved and unprincipled insect perforates the struggling caterpillar, and deposits her eggs in the living, writhing body of her victim.

Do you still believe in God?


alex said...

dear mr x.

why bother with the brainwashed?

MR. X said...

Why do the converted go to be preached to every Sunday?

michael said...

Because we make an effort to LEARN about the spiritual side of life.

Patrick Dunnevant said...

Making moral judgments based on an organism that doesn't have the ability to make moral judgments is a rather silly form of argument, good sir.

Emotional appeals aren't exactly good arguments either. Shouldn't you know this, as an atheist who flies under the masquerade of reason?

GCT said...

The point Patrick, is that a supposedly omni-benevolent god created a world that is full of death and destruction, in most vile forms. There is some appeal to emotion there, but there's also a logical element that accords with the problem of evil, which is a definite problem for theists, especially Xians.